Pet Friendly Hacks

For the love of the bed, a dog bed was bought. For the love of the dog bed, an unrealistically expensive fabric was required to prevent stains, stink and other such messes. But for the love of our interior space? Let’s be honest, it has gone to the dogs. As pet owners and pet lovers, there is always a creative alternative. Trust me, I live it every day.

puppy dog snuggled in bed
how could you not love this cuddly little guy?

My all time favorite solution for couches or furniture that requires a cover? Painters cloth. It could not be any more simple or affordable. I was first turned on to this trick when my mother was at her wit’s end with our furry black family dog who is a notorious couch hog. We’ve all tried the store bought fitted covers and while they can hold on for a little while, eventually the elastic gives and you are left with an oversized and awkward bed sheet. The versatility of the painters cloth is that you are able to pull, pin and arrange as you see fit (get it?). Their durability is fantastic and the cost is tremendously less than the average slip cover. You can pick them up locally at your nearest Lowes or Home Depot for less than $20.

happy dog sitting on checkered fabric sofa bed
dogs…. can’t live without them, can’t keep them from jumping on the furniture!

Whether it is the hair or the funk, it is always a fine balance when maintaining a pet friendly household. Concerned about the smell? Me too. I live for my diffuser and it has been the most refreshing addition to my home and pack in years. Please keep in mind that not all essential oils are made equally and that some can cause side effects with pets. Make sure to read up on which oils are safe and which oils you need to avoid. I recommend this website:

If hair is an issue (it is, it is always an issue) a wet rubber glove can go a long way. I had to try this out myself because it seemed too good to be true. Good news – it works. Not all dog (or cat) hair is created equal but this was a surprisingly easy fix in a pinch. Dryer sheets as well as packing tape are also recommended and can be used on carpet as well.

I could go on for days about what has worked and even more so about what flunked but I hope these few simple tricks can be helpful to you. As someone who has dogs, cats and also horses I know that the struggle is real. There is a plethora of knowledge online but often times going to a local source can give you a new perspective. If you are ever in the neighborhood, I highly recommend Dog Krazy in Carytown. I popped in one afternoon and their staff was so helpful with questions regarding cleaning supplies and other pet friendly hacks. If you have any questions or any tricks of your own that have worked, please let me know!

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