Our Buyer’s Resource Page was created to help our buying clients with search, information and education about the market and the process. 

Exploring Richmond

  • Intro to Richmond
  • Areas and neighborhoods guide
  • Quick facts and key points about Richmond

Setting your criteria

  • Online search tools – be part of the hunt, but beware!

Determining your budget

  • Show them that you’re serious: Get pre-approved!
  • Find out how much you’ll net from your existing home

Establishing a timelineHiring an Agent

  • What a buyer’s agent provides

Finding the perfect property

  • The human factor

Making an offer

  • Determine an appropriate value
  • Set your terms
  • Counter offers

Final Steps: Contract to closing

  • Inspections
  • Select a closing agent
  • The appraisal
  • Title search/review
  • Home warranties
  • A final laundry list

Our Listings

Below you will find some of our current listings. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can set you up with a direct MLS search or we just might know of something that has not yet hit the market.

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