Our Buyer’s Resource Page was created to help our buying clients with search, information and education about the market and the process. 

Our Listings

Below you will find some of our current listings. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can set you up with a direct MLS search or we just might know of something that has not yet hit the market.

Exploring Richmond

  • Intro to Richmond
  • Areas and neighborhoods guide
  • Quick facts and key points about Richmond

Setting your criteria

  • Online search tools – be part of the hunt, but beware!

Determining your budget

  • Show them that you’re serious: Get pre-approved!
  • Find out how much you’ll net from your existing home

Establishing a timeline

Hiring an Agent

  • What a buyer’s agent provides

Finding the perfect property

  • The human factor

Making an offer

  • Determine an appropriate value
  • Set your terms
  • Counter offers

Final Steps: Contract to closing

  • Inspections
  • Select a closing agent
  • The appraisal
  • Title search/review
  • Home warranties
  • A final laundry list

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