Establishing a Timeline

Whether you need to coordinate with the sale and closing of a current home, have a job you’re moving to and need to start right away, or just need to schedule time for moving—chances are, you want to shoot for a preferred move-in date. Because Murphy’s Law is always in effect, you’ll need to have some flexibility where possible, or at least establish a backup plan for extenuating circumstances. But chances are, by working backwards from your target date, we can get you in something with plenty of time to spare by establishing a realistic schedule.

Below is a simple equation you can use to calculate your own timeline to closing. Just grab any available calendar (to aid in counting days) and fill in the results.


Target move-in date: ____________________


Now, use your calendar and count back:


1 day for: The initial property search (one via your exclusive Buyer’s Portal and one I’ll conduct using my own methodology, which turns up those not-so-obvious listings)

30 days for: Property viewings, follow-up searches and daily monitoring of new listings (just a little pad, in case that perfect property hasn’t hit the market yet when we conduct our initial search, or we have numerous listings to see before making a decision)

2 days for: The typical time from submission of an offer to signed contract

4 days for: The home inspection process and negotiation of requests for repairs of credits

30 days for: The loan approval process/delivery of papers

5 days for: Required inspections

3 days for: Appraisal

9 days for: Search and title preparation

1 day for: Pre-closing (final) walk through


Total from start to finish: 85 days

Just be aware that this is more or less a worst case scenario. I’ve helped plenty of folks find and purchase a home in just a matter of days. But, if you need to ensure a certain date, this is your safest plan to getting moved on time.

ALSO NOTE: This timeline applies only to the purchase of your new home and does not include the sale of an existing property. 


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