How Are You Going to Sell My Property?

Sold Sign“How are you going to sell my property?”

This is usually one of the first things any potential client will ask me when we’re discussing the listing and selling process. I enjoy being asked this question because it shows that the owner is serious about finding the best possible agent for the task of getting their property sold! It also affords me the opportunity to explain the different types of marketing strategies and activities that I engage in when it comes to listing and selling property.

First off, all types of marketing can generally be put into two distinct categories. The first is passive or push marketing, and the second is active or pull marketing.


As the name implies, passive marketing involves putting something “out there” like a newspaper ad, online classified post, business card, or brochure and then passively waiting for the business or prospects to come to you.

Relaxing DeskIt works well for creating and maintaining brand awareness, but it’s NOT the most effective means of selling property! That’s because you are depending on someone else to take the action required for a sale. According to statistics at a recent sales seminar I attended, only about 25% of homes are sold using this method.

Now, I do engage in some of this passive-type marketing and you can see some examples of the high quality advertising we use at One South Realty on the Marketing  Page of my site. But, rather than relying on these methods, I use appropriate pieces of advertising to compliment my active marketing. Specifically, these items are usually designed to highlight the attributes and qualities of the property that drive excitement and establish value.


Active marketing on the other hand means that I am actively engaged in activities that drive or pull people to YOUR property. Rather than waiting for the prospective buyers to come to me, I spend my time reaching out to the public and other active agents to find the best suited buyer for your property.

Hand ShakeThis involves attending and participating in networking events, community groups, and most importantly making strategic calls to prospective buyers and their agents. Every day I’m on the phone calling people, or knocking on doors in targeted areas that statistically are the most likely to purchase a particular property I have listed.

At One South we also have the proprietary One SMART System (Select MARket Targets) that reveals local agents tendencies using real time sales data. It’s extremely accurate and it allows me to reach out to the agents that ,most likely, currently have buyers interested in purchasing your property.

Which method do you think results in more sales?

The answer is crucial if you’re asking the question “How are you going to sell my property?”

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