Mural Scavenger Hunt HINTS

So you need a little help on the mural scavenger hunt? We’ve got you covered. See below.

  1. This mural is located at one of reRVA’s listings.
  2. This mural is located at a BP gas station. But which one?
  3. Located on a street named after a city in Ohio.
  4. This mural can be seen from 1st Street.
  5. The Arts District spans Broad St. from Belvidere to 7th Street.
  6. Located next to the river, behind a Mexican restaurant.
  7. See that spiral light post in the picture? Where does one usually find those?
  8. What activity are those statues doing?
  9. Where can you find the animals in this mural?

still unsure? text 804-347-4432 for an extra hint.

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