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Ginter Park, a historic Richmond neighborhood, is known for its abundant old-world charm, captivating architecture, and rich history. Nestled in Northside, the neighborhood is bordered by Chamberlayne Avenue, Edgewood Avenue, and Brook Road to the east and west. Azalea Avenue marks its northern boundary, while Brookland Park Boulevard and Ladies Mile Road define the southern edge.

The neighborhood owes its name to Major Lewis Ginter, a prominent businessman in the late 19th century. The story goes that Ginter became captivated by a suburban neighborhood in Australia during one of his business trips, sparking his interest in developing a similar suburb in Richmond. True to the entrepreneurial spirit, he promptly acquired a substantial tract of farmland just north of the city and set to work.

Ginter’s vision for the neighborhood included relatively large residential lots organized in a grid street plan. He embarked on building the necessary infrastructure, refurbishing existing roads (including what is now Laburnum Avenue) and constructing new ones. Ginter also displayed foresight by attracting Union Theological Seminary to the area and arranging for the extension of the electric streetcar system into the development. These two additions would become significant anchors, shaping the neighborhood’s appeal and character.

Regrettably, Lewis Ginter passed away in 1897 before fully realizing his dream for the neighborhood. However, his niece, Grace Arents, and co-executor of his estate, Thomas Jeffries, took up the mantle by establishing the Lewis Ginter Land and Improvement Company. By 1908, several lots had been sold, and construction of new homes was well underway. The momentum was briefly stalled by World War I but resumed in the early 1920s. During this period, a diverse array of house styles emerged, including American Foursquare, Bungalow, Colonial, Colonial Revival, Shingle Style, Spanish Colonial, Tudor Revival, and Queen Anne.

After a period of decline spanning from the 1950s to the 1990s, Ginter Park is experiencing a resurgence. The signs of this renewal are readily apparent: families are moving back into the area, many historic homes have been or are in the process of being restored, and businesses are making investments in the neighborhood. One pivotal catalyst for this revival was Veritas School’s decision to acquire and relocate to the former Baptist Seminary campus from the West End in 2013. Alongside their substantial ongoing investments in the area, the school has also drawn many families, faculty, and employees from areas outside the city to the Ginter Park neighborhood.

Things to do and see nearby:

Union Presbyterian Seminary – Take a walk around campus and appreciate a impressive example of Tudor Revival architecture.

Lewis Ginter Recreation Association – Another example of the neighborhood’s historic architecture and a favorite summer destination for community residents.

Early Bird Biscuit Company – Tasty breakfast and lunch biscuits are just around the corner on Bellevue Avenue.

Stir Crazy Cafe– A beloved neighborhood coffee shop frequented by residents.

MacArthur Street – Several restaurants, a coffee shop, yoga studio, a small market and a wine shop are just blocks away.

Azalea Garden Center– An independent, family-owned garden center tucked away behind the Ginter Park Library is yet another piece of this neighborhood’s charm.

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