Neighborhoods of RVA: Rosedale

Another Northside neighborhood that was overlooked until recent years is Rosedale.  Rosedale is located on the west side of Hermitage Road just North of the I-64 / I-95 overlap, East of I-95 and South of Bryan Park.  

beautiful rosedale street
Welcome to beautiful Rosedale

It’s easy to overlook the Rosedale neighborhood as you travel the Northside.  With Laburnum Avenue being the only major thoroughfare running through the neighborhood and not many reasons to turn right or left, Rosedale will be in your rearview mirror before you know.  There are those that would argue limited through traffic is a good thing when it comes to a neighborhood and I’d agree… less traffic on these smaller streets makes for a pedestrian / family friendly neighborhood.

lush rosedale street view

Unlike the adjacent neighborhoods of Bellevue, Laburnum Park and Sherwood Park, most homes in Rosedale were built between 1930 and 1960 with a few exceptions built earlier around the turn of the century.  The most notable exceptions are located along Hermitage Road in the Hermitage Historic District (designated by the City, Virginia Landmarks Register and National Register of Historic Places).

Lewis Ginter’s “Rosedale Lodge” is also tucked away on the Western edge of the neighborhood.  Ginter built the lodge in 1896, not only as a favor to the Deep Run Hunt Club, but to draw more interest in the adjacent neighborhoods he was building. After changing hands several times over the years, the home is now in private hands.

neighborhood of colonial homes

The majority of Rosedale homes (those built in the 30’s and later) were constructed on parcels of less than a half acre and were much smaller than their historic neighbors.  One story cottages and bungalows as well as two story Colonial Revival and Tudor homes ranging between 900 and 1800 square feet were the norm. Many homes have been renovated and expanded to exceed 2000 square feet in recent years.

row of small capes

The rapid growth of nearby Scott’s Addition, commercial / retail investment, and residential buyer interest in all things Northside, has shined a light on Rosedale and created new demand for homes in the neighborhood.  Here are a few popular spots nearby:

PARK365 (formerly ARCpark) – Two and a half acres of playground for kids of all ages and abilities.  

The Diamond – Minor League baseball is just blocks away at The Diamond.

Kitchen 64 – It’s a popular spot for brunch, lunch and/or dinner on the covered patio.

Bryan Park – Azalea gardens, frisbee golf, tennis, trails for riding or walking, playgrounds, ponds… there’s a little something for everyone.

Roy’s Big Burger – A walk-up burger joint offers a bit of nostalgia just up the street on Lakeside Avenue.

panoramic street view of rosedale

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