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Scott’s Addition, in its early years, was primarily recognized as a commercial and industrial district. However, it has since undergone a significant transformation, attracting substantial investment from various stakeholders. Developers, creative professionals, restaurateurs, retailers, breweries, and urban residents have all played a role in reshaping the area, transcending its industrial heritage.

Scott’s Addition is situated within the boundaries of Interstates 95 and 64 to the North, Broad Street to the South, the Boulevard to the East, and Westwood Avenue to the West. The neighborhood takes its name from General Winfield Scott, who inherited the land from his father-in-law, Colonel John Mayo, in 1818. The Scott family held onto this property until the 1890s when initial plans for residential development emerged. However, the expansion of the railroad system in the area changed those plans as large sections of land, along with newly laid railroad tracks bordering the North and West sides of Scott’s Addition, made it an attractive location for industrial purposes. In the late 1920s, the City of Richmond fully embraced the idea of industrial development, leading to the rapid growth of factories and plants in the area, supported by the addition of railroad spurs.

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the neighborhood’s landscape. The city has experienced substantial growth, and the railroads, which once dominated the area, have reduced their influence. Additionally, there has been a renewed interest in urban living, which has sparked a transformation in Scott’s Addition. Boulevard, historically considered a natural gateway to the city, has not always been treated as such. However, this is now changing, as new developments and initiatives are reshaping the neighborhood’s identity.

The revival of Scott’s Addition is evident as long-neglected storefronts are undergoing restoration, and new construction projects are everywhere. Within Scott’s Addition itself, warehouses and factories have been repurposed for residential and commercial use. The microbrewery industry, in particular, has played a significant role in transforming the neighborhood, attracting consumers and residents alike. Currently, there are more than 2,000 residential units in the area, with additional developments in progress, indicating a thriving and growing community.

Walking through Scott’s Addition today, you’ll immediately sense its industrial heritage. The buildings, with their warehouse-style structures, create a uniform aesthetic, and many still remain vacant, awaiting repurposing by entrepreneurs, brewmasters, or restaurateurs. However, a closer look reveals the burgeoning presence of new businesses. With an increasing number of ventures choosing Scott’s Addition as their home, this neighborhood is rapidly becoming one of the most promising real estate areas in the city.

Here’s a snapshot of things to do, eat, and drink in Scott’s Addition:

the veil brewing

The Veil Brewing Company – If you ever pass through Scott’s Addition on a Thursday afternoon and wonder why there are people standing in long line winding through the parking lot and down the sidewalk, you’ve found the The Veil.  Apparently the beer is good.

Vasen Brewery – Another popular spot to spend a Saturday afternoon tasting unique and funky beer selections.

Ardent Craft Ales – Get social. Beergarden!

Lunch. | Supper! – This place has some fantastic southern food.  It’s small so show up early.

Fat Dragon – A modern spin on the Chinese restaurant right on the Boulevard.

Tazza Kitchen – A contemporary restaurant with something to please everyone.

Brenner Pass – When you feel like stepping it up a notch for brunch or dinner, Brenner Pass is the place to do it. This place opened its doors pretty recently, but is already a Richmond favorite.

Boulevard Burger and Brew – Your classic, vintage style diner with some killer milkshakes.

circuit bar

Gelati Celesti – Gelato. And lots of it.

King of Pops – I’m sure you’ve seen their rainbow umbrellas all over town serving popsicles to hungry Richmonders on hot summer days, but they’ve got a brick and mortar shop as well! They even sell sandwiches during lunch hours.

Hofgarden – Live music and pizza… on the rooftop!

scotts addition pulse

Bow Tie Cinemas – A converted old steel factory, this is the only centrally located movie theater in the City.

River City Roll – A boutique bowling alley and bar is wrapping up construction now and plans to open this spring.  

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