Neighborhoods of RVA: Southampton

On the Western edge of the City just South of the River, you’ll find the small neighborhood of Southampton. It’s less structured layout, rolling hills and wooded lots create a distinctly less urban feel and charm that you won’t find in many other Richmond neighborhoods. Southampton’s borders are formed by Huguenot Road to the East, Chippenham Parkway to the South, Beechmont Road to the West and the James River to the North.

Southampton was annexed by the City from Chesterfield County in 1970. It had slowly grown up from the woodlands and pastures of the 19th century into the residential area we see today. Because it made the area more accessible to the rest of the City, the addition of the Huguenot bridge in 1950 was an important contributor to its growth. Most of the homes here were built between 1930 and 1960 but there a couple of historic homes (built in the 1800s) and many others under construction or being significantly renovated right now. Given the time span over which homes were built, a variety of styles — including Colonial Revival, Dutch Colonial, Mid Century Modern, Tudor Revival and even a few log cabins — can be found peacefully coexisting throughout the neighborhood.

Along with many other neighborhoods on the South side of the river, Southampton has once again become a popular destination for many buyers. There are several factors these buyers are drawn to:

  • Easy access to Downtown, the West End, and points North and South via Chippenham Parkway, Powhite Parkway and Huguenot.
  • Proximity to the river, parks and hiking / biking trails.
  • Quiet suburban setting inside city limits.
  • Local and “big box” retailers nearby.

Coupled with equally high interest and investment in the adjacent neighborhoods of Westover Hills, Stratford Hills and Forest Hill over recent years, Southhampton is sure to see continued positive developments in the years to come.

Things to do nearby:

Pony Pasture – One of the James River Park System’s best places to bask in the sun and have a swim in the river.

Larus Park– Another City of Richmond Park with lots of trails for hiking, riding or just meandering.

Stony Point Fashion Park – Outdoor mall. Shopping. Enough said.

Mosaic – The very first and original Mosiac restaurant. Yum.

Riverside Outfitters– Get outside and have some fun. Riverside offers guided excursions as well as paddle board, canoe, kayak and bike rentals.

Southhampton Homes For Sale:

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