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Stand Up Paddleboarding James River Richmond re|RVA

11 Ways to Enjoy the James River this Summer

Last weekend I was at Rockett's Landing with some friends enjoying the perfect spring RVA weather and taking in the view of the downtown skyline when someone brought up the James River and its impact ...
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Final Steps: Contract to Closing

Once we’ve formulated an offer and it’s accepted by the seller, it’s almost time to start packing. There’s still lots to do before you’ll own and can move into your new home, but we can ...
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Making An Offer

The time will come when you’ve seen a few properties and you’ve decided on which best meets your criteria. You have a prequalification letter in hand from your lender, and you’re ready to make an ...
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Finding the Perfect Property

Well, if you’re following along through our full Buyers’ Guide, then there’s been lots of talk about how we can help you find that perfect property. But let’s get into some of the specifics. Once ...
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Hiring an Agent

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to buy your next (or first) home, then chances are you’ve already begun to dig around online or thumb through real estate magazines to see what’s available. And I’m ...
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Establishing a Timeline

Whether you need to coordinate with the sale and closing of a current home, have a job you’re moving to and need to start right away, or just need to schedule time for moving—chances are, ...
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Determining Your Budget

First things first—before you fall in love with that perfect home or neighborhood, it’s best to establish what’s within your budget. If there’s some flexibility available, you may want to see those perfect homes that ...
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Setting Your Criteria

As early in the process as possible (and chances are you’ve started this before reading this guide), it’s time to begin thinking about what you want, what you need and where you should be located ...
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View Above Byrd Park in Richmond

Explore Richmond

My first bit of advice is, if you haven’t already: Get out there. As a premier and centrally located east coast city, Richmond never stops growing, renewing and changing. From historic neighborhoods, like The Fan, ...
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The Pitfalls Involved in Selling Your Own Home

Selling your home is one of those things that you only get one chance to get right. In other words, once it’s done—it’s done. In a worse case scenario, you could offer your home for ...
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Final Words of Advice Post Closing

A Few Final Words of Advice

Once you’re all moved out, have closed on your old home and moved into your new one (which we also love helping our clients with), you’re done. But there is one final, albeit unlikely scenario ...
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Closing Procedures and Moving Day

It’s finally come. You did your homework. You selected a Realtor. You listed your property and did your spring-cleaning to prepare it for sale. All of that effort netted you a deal and, finally, you’re ...
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