we sell commercial real estate differently

Assessing, valuing and navigating the cut-throat and sometimes ruthless world of commercial real estate takes a specialized skill set that we have spent years cultivating. Gone are the days where a small group of good ol’ boys control all the information on commercial real estate and most deals were made off-market behind closed doors. Today, the traditional lines between residential and commercial real estate are becoming blurred and a plethora of sales and leasing a is being indexed every day, making the commercial real estate market ever more competitive. Correctly and efficiently processing all this information to create highly-detailed market analyses for our clients is the hallmark of our commercial real estate practice.

So whether its finding an already stabilized and performing commercial asset – or looking for underperforming value-add opportunities such as former industrial warehouses that can become condos and apartments, nondescript office properties that could be torn down and rebuilt as spectacular townhomes, or finding the “missing teeth” infill lots that would be better served as mixed-use properties with cafes, restaurants and creative office space – we can help you formulate a plan, find the right commercial property, and achieve the highest return on your investment.