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Hey architecture enthusiasts! 

We’ve got some exciting news for you – the 2024 residential design awards competition is open for entires and we can’t wait to see the incredible projects that will take center stage in this prestigious event.

Architecture and design are not just features for our real estate team; they’re at the core of our passion and expertise. We believe that the spaces we inhabit shape our experiences and lifestyles. Our commitment to architecture and design stems from the understanding that a home should not only be functional but also a work of art, reflecting the unique tastes and preferences of its inhabitants. We specialize in properties that showcase modern, refined, and elegant architecture because we recognize the impact that well-thought-out design can have on enhancing everyday life.

The 2024 Residential Design Architecture Awards Competition is a prestigious event that celebrates excellence and innovation in residential architecture. This competition serves as a platform for architects, designers, and creative minds to showcase their outstanding work in the realm of residential design. From innovative sustainable features to cutting-edge aesthetics, the competition recognizes projects that push the boundaries of traditional design and redefine the way we experience our living spaces.

As a real estate team committed to staying at the forefront of design trends and offering our clients the best in modern living, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the winners and look forward to incorporating these groundbreaking ideas into our approach to real estate and property development.

Take a look at our inspiration from the forefront of residential design from the 2023 Winner – Palms House II, a custom urban house designed by Kevin Daly Architects.

Custom Urban House | Palms House II | Kevin Daly Architects

Step into the epitome of modern elegance with Palms House II, a stunning custom urban residence in Venice, California, designed by the visionary Kevin Daly Architects. This architectural marvel seamlessly blends contemporary design with functionality, creating a refined and elegant space for a multigenerational family.

Design Philosophy:
Palms House II is more than just a house; it’s an expression of architectural ingenuity. Built adjacent to Palms House I for a multigenerational family, the design focuses on providing both communal and private spaces. The architects, led by Kevin Daly, aimed to extend the language of the first house while ensuring each family member enjoys 850 square feet of personal space, including private outdoor areas.

Courtyard Oasis:
At the heart of Palms House II lies a captivating communal courtyard and pool, serving as a central gathering space for the family. This carefully crafted courtyard connects the two houses and exudes the distinctive Venice vibe that captivates the essence of the locale.

Architectural Continuity:
Kevin Daly Architects faced the challenge of seamlessly adding onto their own work, and they met it with grace. Palms House II extends the design language of the first house, employing expressive screens, albeit in wood instead of metal. The new building’s sinuously organic form showcases the evolution of the firm’s aesthetic, proving that privacy on small lots doesn’t mean compromising on openness.

Cohesive Design:
The jury was impressed by the cohesiveness of the design throughout the entire project. Despite the material shift between the two phases, the architects maintained a unified vision. Palms House II is not a mere “kit of parts” but a harmonious blend of architecture and design, creating a home that feels both functional and sculptural.

Project Details:

  • Architect: Kevin Daly, principal in charge; Gretchen Stoecker, project architect
  • Builder: CA Construction, Los Angeles
  • Landscape Architect: [place], Los Angeles
  • Structural Engineer: WORKPOINT Engineering, Los Angeles
  • Project Size: 3,400 square feet
  • Site Size: 0.123 acre
  • Construction Cost: $588 per square foot

Key Features:

  • Cladding: Thermory White Ash
  • Countertops: Walker Zanger; Caesarstone; Corian
  • Doors/Windows: Western Windows
  • Flooring: Concrete, ground and polished; Accoya
  • Heating: Radiant in-floor
  • Kitchen Appliances: Miele
  • Skylights: Custom from Sun Valley
  • Tubs: Kohler

Palms House II stands as a testament to Kevin Daly Architects’ commitment to modern, refined, and elegant design. This custom urban house not only caters to the diverse needs of a multigenerational family but also elevates the architectural landscape of Venice, California. With its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, this residence is a true masterpiece that speaks to the heart of contemporary luxury living.

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