Richmond VA Origins – The City of Resilience

Richmond VA Origin Historic PlaqueFrom its humble beginnings in 1607 when a determined group of 120 men led by John Smith made the 10-day trek from Jamestown, VA to the highest navigable point of the James River, Richmond has long found itself as the center of attention in the mid-Atlantic region.

With universally known and historically significant residents such as Pocahontas, Patrick Henry, George Wythe, James Monroe, Robert E Lee, Edgar Allen Poe, Maggie Walker, Arthur Ashe, and numerous others, the people of RVA have helped shape regional, national, and even international culture.

As a city that has been burned to the ground twice during conflict, during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Richmond seems to have an incredible resilience woven into its core fabric that has helped it to not only weather storms, but also flourish despite adversity.

Having been named in 1737 by William Byrd II because of the striking resemblance the view of the James River had to the River Thames from Richmond Hill in England, Richmond today has matured into a bustling Metropolis with an incredible variety of people, culture, food, entertainment, architecture, green space, and community. But how did Richmond and it’s vast array of micro-neighborhoods such as The Fan, Jackson Ward, Church Hill, Bellevue, Westover Hills, and others come to be?

In our upcoming blog series, “ Richmond VA Neighborhoods – Real Estate History” we will examine the history and current trends affecting our city’s collection of neighborhoods.

Stay Tuned!

Paddleboat Dinner Cruise on the James River - Richmond
Paddleboat cruise on the stretch of the James River that named Richmond

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