RVA Neighborhood Spotlight: Scott’s Addition

In its early years, Scott’s Addition was known primarily as a commercial and industrial district. Today, the area has drawn an impressive amount of investment from developers, creatives, restaurateurs, retailers, breweries, and urban dwellers who see it as much more than just its industrial roots.

The boundaries of Scott’s Addition are defined by Interstates 95 and 64 to the North, Broad Street to the South, the Boulevard to the East and Westwood Avenue to the West. The area’s namesake, General Winfield Scott, inherited it from his father-in-law, Colonel John Mayo, along with the rest of his 600-acre estate in 1818. His family held onto the land until the 1890’s when the first plans for the area proposed residential development. The growth of the railroad system soon altered those plans as large tracts of land and railroad tracks bordering the North and West sides of Scott’s Addition made it very attractive for industrial use. In the late 1920s, the City fully embraced the idea of industrial development and the build was on.  Factories and plants soon began to fill in the area and railroad spurs were added to support them.  

Today, times have changed dramatically. The City has grown significantly, the railroads don’t play as big a role as they once did, and there is renewed interest in living within urban areas.  Boulevard has long been seen as a natural gateway to the City but has never really been treated as such… that’s all changing. 

Long ignored storefronts are being restored. Proposals for new construction are being pitched. Warehouses and factories have been converted for residential and public-facing commercial use. The boom in the microbrewery business alone has played a major role in transforming and bringing newfound interest from consumers and residents in the area. In fact, there are now over 1000 residential units with more on the way.

Even during the COVID pandemic, Scott’s Addition has continued to be one of the most actively developing areas inside City limits. Real estate transactions, development planning and construction have continued to push forward. Attractive reuse opportunities, preservation efforts and use of historic tax credits have made this neighborhood desirable for businesses and residents alike. With 13 breweries, cideries, meaderies, and distilleries, a bowling alley, barcades, restaurants, shops, and more, there’s always something happening in Scott’s Addition.

Here’s a quick overview of what to do, eat, and drink in Scott’s Addition:

The Veil Brewing Company – Thursday afternoon lines were a “thing” even before COVID. Well worth a visit!

Vasen Brewery – Large indoor taproom with plenty of variety to meet everyone’s different taste.

Ardent Craft Ales – Great outdoor (+dog-friendly) beer garden.

Blue Bee Cidery – The state’s first urban cidery with a full-fledged cider production and tasting facility.

Lunch. | Supper! – This place has some fantastic southern food.  It’s small so show up early.

Fat Dragon – A modern spin on the Chinese restaurant right on the Boulevard.

Tazza Kitchen – Wood-fired cooking and serious libations.

Boulevard Burgers and Brews – Great food, craft beers, and boozy shakes all in an exciting and lively casual atmosphere.

Gelati Celesti – Pick up a quart (or 3 or 4) and take it home.

The Circuit – Turns out combining the nostalgia of old arcade games with beer and food is great idea. 

Hofgarden – Live music and pizza… on the rooftop!

Bow Tie Cinemas – Bringing Style and Elegance Back to the Movie Going Experience.

River City Roll – Outdoor dining and bowling.  

If you are looking to live in Scott’s Addition, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to chat about your future endeavors in this thriving part of the city.

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