So You Want Walkability

I hear it constantly – ‘we want to be in a walkable neighborhood’. Thankfully for Richmond residents, our city is plentiful with charm and convenience. Living in a city that offers both Carytown and Church Hill on opposing sides, there is so much to love in between. Here are 3 of my personal favorite walkable features in the city. 

As a dog owner, I love how quickly I can pick up a trail from almost anywhere in the city. If you have not treated yourself to the Manchester Floodwall trail, I highly recommend it. The beautiful views from the southside allow you to take in all of the city from a completely different perspective. I highly recommend this walk on a warm evening so that you can make it a point to stop in at Legends for a delicious beer on their patio. Whether you are looking to mountain bike, jog or just enjoy the outdoors there are multiple park entrances with easy parking.  From the Buttermilk to the Capital Trail, there are miles waiting for you to explore.

Neighborhood coffee shops and restaurants are a huge part of Richmond’s culture. Who doesn’t love a Saturday morning stop into a coffee shop just blocks from your own doorstep? As our food scene continues to receive national attention, many out of town buyers are seeking the same feel from their previous large city life and can find it quite easily here. Although our late-night restaurants close at 2 am (sorry New Yorkers), we do have a lot to offer for those relocating. I look forward to showing off (and walking to) the delicious little neighborhood spots to visitors. 

For me, the thing that I love most about living in a walkable neighborhood is just that – being able to go outside for a stroll. The proximity to trails, parks, and restaurants aside, I really enjoy being able to wave to familiar faces and step away from the computer for a few minutes outside. Having lived in both rural and suburban areas I have come to appreciate a well-worn path on the sidewalk to see neighbors (and of course the neighborhood kitties). 

Although our preferences vary, Richmond’s walkability is appealing to so many of us. If you have a favorite spot or a well-loved and traveled trail, please send us a picture and a note. In these strange times, it’s always wonderful to hear from all our neighbors even if our paths haven’t yet crossed. 

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