The Number One Mistake You Can Make When Hiring a Realtor

Every so often, I get a phone call from another agent, calling me on their lunch break (from another job) and they need me to get back to them right away, or wait until after 5 p.m. Soon thereafter, a contract pops up on my desk, but on closer inspection, that contract is one we haven’t used for 10 years.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with working two jobs and there’s nothing wrong with part-time agents, but before you list with a friend or family member who sells a little real estate on the weekends, I’d urge you to reconsider. While you may feel some obligation to list your home with these individuals, you should know that—based on my experiences—that isn’t going to net you the best results. Worse yet, it could damage a relationship.

The issue goes well beyond outdated contracts. More often than not, I find myself getting these individuals up to speed and guiding them through the entire process. And it’s worth considering whether or not you’re being well represented in those instances. It may be a little uncomfortable, saying “no,” but chances are you’re making the right decision.

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