The Pitfalls Involved in Selling Your Own Home

reRVA Real Estate Sold Home 1812 Monument Avenue Richmond VASelling your home is one of those things that you only get one chance to get right. In other words, once it’s done—it’s done.

In a worse case scenario, you could offer your home for sale and secure a quick buyer, only to find out when the appraisal comes in (which is required any time a purchaser acquires a mortgage) that it was actually worth another $15,000. And you may consult many online realty sites in order to determine approximately what your property is worth, but you should be forewarned that the sales prices those sites provide are nowhere near what properties actually sold for.

The process of getting your home sold, including negotiations and other activities, will take up an enormous amount of your time. Meanwhile, you’ll be escorting total strangers through your property.

I know that this all sounds like a set of scare tactics and a likely story for any Realtor, but the point is: there are many headaches involved—well beyond those I’ve mentioned—so I encourage you to meet with a Realtor in order to find out what we do and what we offer. There’s a good chance that you’ll decide it’s actually a low risk-high yield investment that will more than pay for itself.

If you’re interested in talking, click here to reach out. Whether you list with me or not, I’m happy to tell you what you need to know in order to make the best decision, as well as to provide you with some solid pointers, like: what you’ll need to do in order to prepare your home for market and get it sold in the shortest amount of time—and without leaving any money on the table.

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