What is Scandinavian architecture, and why do we like it?

Scandinavian architecture and designs have had a substantial impact and influence on modern architecture, often associated with minimalism, functionality, and aesthetics.

Scandinavian architecture always incorporates large windows and light color schemes so you can really enjoy the natural light. This style is even more highly appreciated in the past year as many people have been spending more time at home. Whether we are now working from home or cooking our favorite meal, we enjoy having natural light and being able to see the sunset from our living space. The brighter walls and lighter colored materials help to naturally illuminate the space.

 As mentioned, 2020 has forced many of us to spend more time indoors. Fortunately, Scandinavian architecture is known for comfort – not only are the floor plans open and functional but you can almost always find a great spot to sit in a cozy corner. You can look out the window, perhaps reading a book or watching a storm coming in, as you enjoy the warmth of your fireplace.

In fact, the Danish use a word to describe this kind of feeling (Hygge) which has been described as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well being” [Oxford Dictionary].

Some other things we love about this style is the focus on energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly designs. The roofs, windows, natural materials, and clean lines what truly set the homes apart.

Can you get a home like this in Richmond?

The short answer is yes! Although Richmond is known for its Colonial-style homes, Tudors, and row houses, contemporary Scandinavian influenced homes are gaining popularity in Richmond.

The reRVA team has had the privilege of selling Scandinavian-style homes in the past, and we currently have some modern listings that will make you want to move right in and enjoy these amazing features.

Check out some of these previous sales and current listings:

2021 Lakeview – current listing

Graypark Townhomes – current listings

125 S. Colonial – past sale

3305 M St- past sale

3503 Carolina Ave – past sale

A2 townhomes – past sales

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