5404 new kent road . elegant museum-concept home


museum-concept manor home

museum-concept manor home

an elegantly modern new construction english manor home that artfully exudes European character that gracefully compliments one of Richmond’s most beloved historic neighborhoods. Located directly across from the James River at the crux of New Kent Avenue and Riverside Drive, 5404 stands proud among some of Richmond’s most spectacular homes with museum inspired clean lines, gallery-quality lighting and impeccable finishes inside and out. The minimalist kitchen, “floating bridge” mezzanine office, massive cathedral ceilings and 500 sq ft first-floor master suite with direct access to the rear outdoor living space come together to provide a truly unmatched living experience. Unique features such as a hidden passageway door to the master bedroom, full glass entry vestibule and floating wood-burning fireplace will be the centerpiece of conversations with your family and guests. An alley accessed 2-car pavilion carport and low maintenance exterior will allow for years of true peace of mind ownership.

Builder – Upward Builders
Architect – DiMarco Architects

5404 New Kent Road Floor Plan
5404 New Kent Road Floor Plan

From the Builder:

Zach B & W

I’ve been fascinated by buildings since I was a little kid. In high school, I took a design course that allowed me to work with CAD software. That class gave me the awareness of basic design concepts and spacial recognition that continues to help me best design living spaces. The final project that year was to design a building/structure or some sort of complex 3D model. I chose to design my “dream home.” It was a huge ‘U’ shaped house with fountains and garages and a pool. It was a fabulous opportunity that helped shape my passion for real estate. In fact, that single class, along with many books on real estate and business motivated me to become a real estate developer.

Presently my goal is to help redefine how people live by improving the spaces we use and removing the burdens of clutter and inefficiency from the home. Essentially our goal at Upward Builders is to create spaces that inspire greatness. Ever been on vacation and woke up full of energy? On vacation have you ever felt more clear and ready to conquer the world than at any time “back home.” Did you feel invincible, recharged, and full of ideas because you were not burdened by the endless papers, clothes, or dishes that typically await you each night when you get home from work?

If you are anything like me, I’m sure you can relate and you desperately want to find a better way to live. Well that is our mission, our vision and our goal for each home we create. We want you to feel inspired, recharged, excited and focused on being the best version of yourself each day by creating an atmosphere that promotes the best you.

We take the time to thoroughly review the floor plan, the storage, and the livability of each home in an effort to determine the best location to keep those pesky papers, conveniently charge your tech devices without yards of wires, and even where the best place to turn on a light might be. We want our homes to help compliment your busy and productive life by making a thoughtful, simple, and gorgeous home that helps motivate and inspire the greatness you possess.



Architect: DiMarco Architects

Brokerage: Patrick Sullivan with the reRVA Team at One South Realty

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