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I get asked all the time what my go-to furniture and design stores are, and with so many to choose from that can sometimes be a difficult question to answer! It really depends on what your individual style is. Most of the time, I can get a pretty good sense of what your style is just by spending a little time together. After showing a house or two, talking a little about your likes and dislikes, and listening to how you envision a room; it all comes together fairly quickly and I can begin to recommend stores that suit your taste. Because I’ve gotten so much great feedback from the last ‘Dwelling in Style’ blog post, I thought I’d put together another! This month we’re talking about the ever popular La Diff.

125 S 14th Street, RVA 23219 | Courtesy of LaDiff.com

First of all, this place has everything and I simply cannot get enough.

It has three full levels of all that you could ever possibly need to fill your home. From cozy carpets to cover your floor, stunning artwork that makes your walls pop, and gorgeous chandeliers that light up your spaces. I spent the better part of an hour exploring (and I would’ve spent my entire afternoon in there if I didn’t have anywhere else to be) but I still feel like I didn’t get to see it all!

Take my word for it. La Diff truly does have a style for everybody. One of my favorite things about the store is how versatile every single piece is, and how thoughtfully crafted each item is made so that it can be mixed, matched, and tailored to each individual and their space. Whether you’re furnishing your industrial loft, accentuating your ultramodern condo, or keeping your 1920s home historically cozy, there’s no way you won’t find at least one piece that you’ll fall head over heels for!

Baby, it’s (not that) cold outside.

Now that just about all of us have finally dug our gloves and jackets out of the back of our closets, you might want to pay a little visit to La Diff Outdoor. This might’ve been my favorite part of the entire trip because it will make you want to kick off your shoes and have a cocktail in a lounge chair! From playtime to dinnertime and every time in between – even if you don’t have a yard (like me) – you will be instantly inspired to throw a garden party. There’s Instagram-worthy cuteness everywhere and it’s like looking at a real life Pinterest board! It will give you major summer vibes…. Or, in my case, serious backyard envy.

Clean lines, rich colors, and a whole lot of options.

La Diff is so passionate about what they do, which makes me even more passionate about what I do. Their showroom is constantly changing, adding new pieces, and showcasing new styles, so there’s a good chance you’ll feel like you’re walking into a whole new store with every season that goes by.

To me, that’s hugely important because design is dynamic just like fashion – it’s an expression of you.


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