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Richmond is effortlessly stylish; a seamless blend of the old and the new, and home to many beautifully historic residences, famous businesses, and notable attractions. We have elaborate street art, small businesses on every corner, and inhabitants that come from all walks of life. I could think of no better blend than what we have right here in our city. Some may say we’re a bit rough around the edges…. And what do I say? We like it that way.

What does “home” mean to you?

Home can be defined differently by everyone. Traditionally, “home” is described as any place of residence or refuge; a home should be like your sanctuary, where you’re safe, at ease, and satisfied. For me, it’s where my kitten greets me by the front door, everything always smells like coffee, and where I can’t wait to jump into the small mountain of pillows that sits atop my bed at the end of each day.

Whatever home means to you, let it be a reflection of your personality. A haven; a paradise; call it what you wish – just let it be you.

Where to go

When I first moved to Richmond, I was more preoccupied with making sure I had a place to sit, a place to sleep, and somewhere to put my feet up than I was with finding the perfect piece for every corner of every room. It’s a big job and it can be overwhelming! I think everyone who has moved at least once in their life can understand. But the fun part comes after getting settled in – making a house feel like a home. There are so many fantastic places to bring your design dreams to life; chain stores included. Being a huge supporter of small businesses, I thought I would take the opportunity to explore the interior design world and focus on independently retailers. (What better way to support RVA?!) My first stop led me to Carytown’s very own Ruth & Ollie!

Ruth & Ollie | 3108 W Cary Street, RVA 23221

I could’ve spent hours in this store. Luckily, I had some showing appointments to get to that kept me from doing so, otherwise there’s no telling how many throw pillows I would’ve bought!!

Whether your personality is loud or soft, you prefer pops of color or neutral tones, Ruth & Ollie has something for every taste. Couches, rugs, pillows, desks, tables, candles, lamps, some of the most beautiful artwork, and more! Each individual item has a personality; it stands out on its own, and you get to choose how they go together to create your own story that’s completely, authentically you.

Everything at Ruth & Ollie starts with a neutral palette. Beiges, whites, browns, and tans – colors that won’t go out of style and make redecorating or restyling easy. For example, a neutral couch, coffee table, and/or area rug is the perfect canvas to show off all your statement pieces. Then you can begin identifying things that you love. It could be an interesting vase, accent pillow, statement lamp, or even a balloon animal statue made of metal. (They have so many interesting and fun things like this!) Statement pieces make a room fun and are an easy way to showcase your personal tastes.

Whether you love patterns…
…or you prefer to play with neutrals and textures.
If you’re bold and funky…
…or chic and swanky.

So if you’re in need of inspiration, you’re looking for that final piece to tie your whole room together, or just there to fantasize about what your next house could be… You can’t go wrong with Ruth & Ollie.

Whether you’re in Carytown to explore, grab some dinner, or you find yourself with a massive design undertaking, I highly recommend stopping in.

And, as if it couldn’t get any better… They also offer design services, ranging from a single room to a whole home overhaul, for those who are short on time or short on ideas!!!

Supporting local businesses is important, and it’s easy when you truly love what they have to offer to the community. If your style is bright, modern, glam, and fun, check it out for yourself! Or just head on down and say hello! You won’t be disappointed.

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