A Few Final Words of Advice

Final Words of Advice Post ClosingOnce you’re all moved out, have closed on your old home and moved into your new one (which we also love helping our clients with), you’re done. But there is one final, albeit unlikely scenario that I’d like to mention:

If the new owner of your old home contacts you: If their questions are basic (like, “Where’d you leave the extra screens you mentioned?” or “Didn’t you say that there were three garage door opener remotes?”) you may choose to tackle those with some quick and friendly answers. But, if any tougher questions or other situations arise that you feel uncomfortable with (whatever they may be), please feel free to refer those to me, or to your closing agent. Once the deal is done, I’m still there for you and more than happy to help you deal with those situations.

Otherwise, just stay in touch. I’d love to hear how things are going in your new home!

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