Closing Procedures and Moving Day

It’s finally come. You did your homework. You selected a Realtor. You listed your property and did your spring-cleaning to prepare it for sale. All of that effort netted you a deal and, finally, you’re ready to move all of your stuff out of your old home and close on the sale.

Congratulations, it’s moving day.

If you’ve hired a moving company, then chances are you’re in good hands and you have nothing to worry about. But, if you choose to move yourself, then please bear in mind that you’ll need to be careful not to damage your home in the process. Paint scuffs happen, but damages to drywall, scratches on cabinets, punctured doors or any other substantive damages are another story and they can delay a closing. If anything happens, notify me right away. Chances are, we can give the buyers a heads-up to avoid any controversy, then have the issues taken care of before they perform their final walk-through.


While all of the activity leading up to closing may make it seem like it’s going to be long and complicated, the truth is—it lasts maybe an hour and involves little more than several dozen signatures. Your closing agent will have everything ready for you and will go over the details for each section and every page. All you need to do is ask questions whenever you feel something’s unclear (and don’t hesitate), then sign where they tell you. I’ll be there to help out when needed.

Let’s talk

Now you know—top to bottom—what it’s like listing and selling your home. When you’re ready, contact me. I’ll come out to your house to gather some info, then get to work preparing all of the reports and information discussed in this guide. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions.

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