“back to the grind”

Ah, August! That summer month when you’re back from vacation, school and full work weeks are back, yet the days are still long and hot. This is the perfect month to go through a maintenance checklist to get your home and investment properties ready for the notoriously busy month of September. Your home and real estate portfolio are likely the most important and largest investments you have. Protect your assets and keep them in top shape by checking out this simple checklist: 

1. HVAC- Checkup– Clean AC condenser coils, replace air conditioner filters and get your furnace prepped for winter. Yes, we know it’s hot outside, but you know what happens after hot? Cold. Did you know that furnaces typically fail during the coldest days of the year? Brrrrr. Have your furnace inspected by a professional and make sure it’s ready to go when the temps drop. Maintaining it now will extend the life of your unit and is more cost-effective than emergency calls in the winter.

2. Clean windows– Check for damage, torn screens, missing or cracked caulk. Seal any gaps and prevent warm air from leaving the home or moisture from getting in.

3. Inspect your roof– Clean debris, look for missing or cracked shingles, check for wood rot and holes and trim away branches that touch your roof. 

4. Chimney cleaning and check– Make sure all flues and chimneys are clean and clear to prevent carbon monoxide and fires.

5. Clean your gutters– Rotting leaves and debris can lead to improper draining. Water seeping into your home’s foundation can cause major damage over time.

6. Wood destroying insect and pest inspection– do a visual check or get a service contract with a pest control company.

7. Visual plumbing inspection– Check for leaks around faucets and under sinks and tubs.

8. Clean and store summer gear– Take time to clean and organize as you go. Your future self will thank you and you make space for the things going to be used in the next season.

9. De-clutter your kitchen– Clean cabinets, pantry, fridge, and freezer inside and out. Throw out expired or stale items. Donate unused kitchenware.

10. Check fire alarms / extinguishers / carbon monoxide detectors– Make sure your life protection systems have fresh batteries and that extinguishers are charged.

Proactive and regular maintenance is the key to preventing small problems from becoming big and costly issues. The time and money you invest in maintaining your home is the best investment you can make in its value.

What else can you add to your end of summer maintenance checklist?

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