Buyer Fatigue in a Competitive Seller’s Market

Are you familiar with the unwelcome frustration, upset, and dread that can accompany your home search? You may be experiencing buyer’s fatigue and are entitled to financial compensation.

Unfortunately, we can’t say that. But we can offer you some peace of mind and words of encouragement as you push through the rest of your journey to homeownership.

Looking at houses and putting in offers that you don’t end up getting feels like a full-time job. We’ve been there. The process is not only similar to working a full-time job but also is similar to the job search itself. You do your research, you pitch your credentials, you negotiate – but sometimes, even after all that, it doesn’t work out in your favor, and you’re back to square one. Except, not really.

Shift your mindset from seeing a rejected offer as a strikeout to just a strike. The game isn’t over – you’ve narrowed the playing field. With each rejected offer, you come closer to finding the home for you. What matters is how you handle the rejection moving forward.

Remember to have realistic expectations. An agent that knows market values in your target area is invaluable. The ideal agent also understands current comps and trends, which is information that they’ll use to manage expectations as you move through the process together. It can be easy to forget that we are not the only team home-searching in our city. Keep in mind that in the current market, there are many parties in the exact same position as us, and while it’s not a competition, navigating that dynamic can feel like a dance.

Trust your agent. An agent-buyer relationship is a two-way street, founded on mutual trust. Your agent is relying on you to be honest and forthcoming about your experience throughout the search. Rely on them to help you understand the process. They’ll be honest with you about your buying power and what your options are. Trust and honesty create an environment for your agent to present the best options to make your offer stand out.

Yes, buyer’s fatigue in a competitive market is real. In order to help you through it, we focus on what we can control, not on what we can’t.

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