Richmond VA Real Estate is: Easy to Love

Richmond VA Real EstateThe accessibility of the Richmond VA real estate market was exemplified for me on a recent trip to Boston, Mass.

Boston is a historic and charming city brimming with personality. Each neighborhood seems unique and has it’s own distinct character. From some of the oldest brick structures and cobblestone streets in the United States to the ultra modern, Boston seems to have some of everything. Green spaces like Boston Commons, world class restaurants, amazing museums and a vibrant art scene are just a few of the amenities.

It’s no wonder that in my early 20’s I had seriously considered moving to the city, but one thing quickly became brutally obvious, living in Boston is expensive!

Fast forward about 12 years and I find myself on a short stay again in Beantown with friends, and we’re walking through everyone’s favorite Boston neighborhood Beacon Hill. Here I see a local real estate office and it piques my curiosity. I wonder just what the cost of property is here in Beacon Hill, and for that matter in Boston in general?

I pull up the closest listing on my phone and our group then begins the amusing pastime of  taking turns guessing what the piece of real estate in front of us is listed for.

  • Cheapest we found: $500k for a 500sq ft condo
  • Most Expensive: $13 Million for a Monster Row Home
  • Bottom Line: Average listing price for a piece of real estate in Boston as a Whole is over $900k

Historic Richmond VA

This reality along with traffic, weather, and other concerns are why I chose to move here over Boston and why I feel like Richmond is the perfect place to live on the east coast. An examination of the Richmond VA real estate market helps explain why:

Here in Richmond VA, if you want to live in the city, you can find real estate that fits your needs and that also works within your budget.

I Heart RichmondRight here in Richmond, you have a charming and historic city. A city with brick and cobblestone neighborhoods. A city where great restaurants abound, green spaces like Byrd Park are plentiful, award winning museums like VMFA amaze, and the nation’s number one rated public art school is right here at VCU!

For me, Richmond affords an unparalleled quality of life.

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  1. I’ve got northern roots and find that living in the city of Richmond, Church Hill specifically, gives me the urban vibe I need to live in the South. Great article. Totally agree!

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