Selecting the Right Time to Sell

The topic of when to sell real estate is one that’s debated endlessly and everyone has their opinion. Studies have been conducted over the years, pinpointing the “best” and “worse” times to sell, but the fact is: The best time to sell your home is when the time is right for you.

I’ve sold homes from the first days of spring through the dead of winter—all with great results. A good plan, along with the right price and the right preparations are what get a house sold any time of year.

That said, if you need help selecting a time to move, here are a couple of the most common points my clients plan around:

The start or end of a school year: Most schools start sometime between the last week of August and the second week of September, so, if you want your child in a new school district by the first day of classes, you’ll want to list your home by sometime around April or May. Conversely, schools typically end around the first or second week of June; so, if you’re aiming to hold off until the final day, you may consider listing in May (which should have you closing no sooner than around the second week of June).
A new job: Obviously, this is one that’s completely dependent on your schedule; but generally you’ll want to have your home on the market at least 90 days prior to the start of your new position in order to close, pack and move in time. A period of 120 days is a safer bet.

If you’re in the early stages of consideration and would like to find out how much your home is worth, or you’d just like to see what’s out there (for buying), CLICK HERE to obtain a free home analysis and/or personalized buyer portal. I can tell you exactly what your home should sell for in today’s market.

The right time to sell your home

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