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2020 RVA real estate market update

As noted by Forbes Magazine, Richmond real estate has accelerated at an unprecedented rate and the market stats show us that we have entered some previously uncharted territory.  at a glance Impressively, the housing market ...
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intentional + thoughtful + deliberate = success: real estate marketing

real estate marketing In a digital world overflowing with information and data, it’s easy to reach for the low hanging fruit answers when facing a challenge or problem. Whether it's researching how to boil eggs, ...
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Conscious Curation

The curated home is one that tells a story of specific taste and style. With every piece, there is a conscious understanding of its role and how it creates or adds to the balance of ...
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What is Scandinavian architecture, and why do we like it?

Scandinavian architecture and designs have had a substantial impact and influence on modern architecture, often associated with minimalism, functionality, and aesthetics. Scandinavian architecture always incorporates large windows and light color schemes so you can really ...
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Neighborhoods of RVA: Museum District

The Museum District is another uniquely Richmond neighborhood built upon history, architecture and community listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Surrounded by several popular neighborhoods (including the Fan, Carytown, and Scott’s Addition), it ...
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New Construction in RVA

It's a great time to buy a home in Richmond. Interest rates are low, so investing in a home is a fantastic idea. In fact, it feels like everyone noticed. I have seen bid wars ...
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So You Want Walkability

I hear it constantly - ‘we want to be in a walkable neighborhood’. Thankfully for Richmond residents, our city is plentiful with charm and convenience. Living in a city that offers both Carytown and Church ...
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Neighborhoods of RVA: Bellevue

As a former resident of Bellevue and current resident of the adjacent Laburnum Park neighborhood, the area holds a special place in my heart. Bellevue has developed a personality all its own and become a ...
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Ellen Glasgow House – Richmond VA For Sale

This is the square gray house where I have lived… and written all my books, with the exception of “Life and Gabriella"Ellen Glasgow The Ellen Glasgow House at twilight Words fail to describe the true ...
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Kids Create RVA Project

Looking for an art project for your kids or just something to keep them occupied for a bit? Want to help your children connect to their community? Here’s a group project we’ve put together that ...
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carver neighborhood

Neighborhoods of RVA: Carver

courtesy of google With both Industrial and Residential Historic Districts, Carver is another of Richmond’s historically significant neighborhoods located near the City’s center and adjacent to VCU. The area (roughly 54 square blocks) is bordered ...
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Fall For It – Your First Home

We’ve all been there - the first time home buyer anxiously waiting to feel the rush of emotion, of absolute certainty that we have found our new home. But is it always that simple? The ...
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