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negotiating offers

Negotiating Offers

Once we’ve placed the right marketing in front of the right buyers and received a worthy offer for your home, it’s time to negotiate. I don’t want you to become too concerned about learning the ...
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Getting Your Home Sold

Your home may not be a five-star resort (or maybe it is), but when it comes to marketing, all of the same principals apply. Let’s face it, no matter what the property information says, photography ...
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Preparing Your Home For Sale

The moment we sign a listing agreement, I will get to work selling your home. But, unless you’re a natural-born perfectionist, chances are I’ll provide you with a list of things to do in order ...
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Listing Your Property

Once you’ve selected an agent and decided that the time is right, then it’s time to list your property for sale. The term “listing”, by the way, simply refers to the process of signing an ...
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The Number One Mistake You Can Make When Hiring a Realtor

Every so often, I get a phone call from another agent, calling me on their lunch break (from another job) and they need me to get back to them right away, or wait until after ...
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Determining Your Home’s Value

One of the first questions you’ll face when selling your home includes how much it’s worth in today’s market. And if you’re purchasing another home, chances are you’ll need to know this sooner than later, ...
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5500 Riverside Drive | RVA | Custom Modernization

5500 Riverside Drive, the transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan The genesis of this project began back in August of 2014 when Jeremy Connell of Pareto LLC and I first toured the ...
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Getting in the Game | 5 Keys to Real Estate Investing

Getting in the Game | 5 Keys to Investing in Real Estate Long before there were landlords as we know them today, there were simply lords who owned enormous plots of land. Peasants worked the ...
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5 Ways the VCU Master Plan Affects Richmond Real Estate

5 Ways the VCU Master Plan affects Richmond Real Estate. Last week I was able to attend a presentation which revealed the culmination of  the last 2 years of VCU working with consultants to re-develop ...
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Richmond VA Real Estate is: Easy to Love

The accessibility of the Richmond VA real estate market was exemplified for me on a recent trip to Boston, Mass. Boston is a historic and charming city brimming with personality. Each neighborhood seems unique and has it's ...
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“Creepin” Web Presence

The other day I was having lunch with a friend who works in marketing and we were discussing the importance of both personal and business web presence. Long gone are the days in the past ...
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How Are You Going to Sell My Property?

"How are you going to sell my property?" This is usually one of the first things any potential client will ask me when we're discussing the listing and selling process. I enjoy being asked this ...
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