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Pet Friendly or….

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably accepted that a life with pets equates to a life without “nice things.” We often substitute the fancy for the practical: dog friendly fabrics, an excessive collection of ...
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welcome mat

Handy Home Buying Tips

Courtesy of Pinterest On this journey of life, with so many different paths to take and roads to explore, there’s no right or wrong direction. You might be an intrepid traveler, or a notorious home-body ...
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colorful shops along Cary Street

Neighborhoods of RVA: Carytown

Carytown — sometimes referred to as “the mile of style” — takes its name from its location on Cary Street which was named after Colonel Archibald Cary in 1927. The district has become one of ...
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Hello, Spring!

Happy Allergy Season! Spring has sprung, and with that comes a lovely yellow dusting on everything. The cars, the roads, mailboxes, door handles… the inside of our lungs (probably). But aside from the seasonal pollen ...
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Contemporary Cary(town)

On the southern end of the Museum District, just west of the Boulevard, sits one of my all-time favorite Richmond spots: Carytown. The nine blocks that make up this bustling, colorful neighborhood have become one ...
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4025 hickory Road - Sunset View

4025 hickory road . mountain modern retreat in rva

live everyday like a european alps holiday perched on the crest of a Southampton ridge high above a peaceful and meandering creek, this mountain modern retreat home feels a world away from it's Richmond City ...
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Neighborhoods of RVA: Museum District

The Museum District is another uniquely Richmond neighborhood built upon history, architecture and community listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Surrounded by several popular neighborhoods (including the Fan, Carytown, and Scott’s Addition), it ...
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Springtime in RVA: 2019 Festivals

I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready for spring after that taste of warm weather we’ve had! One of my favorite things about spring in Richmond is the kickoff of festival season. The ...
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Neighborhoods of RVA: Southampton

On the Western edge of the City just South of the River, you’ll find the small neighborhood of Southampton. It's less structured layout, rolling hills and wooded lots create a distinctly less urban feel and ...
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5 Ways to Redecorate and Declutter for the New Year

Whether you’ve taken a new-year-new-me approach to 2019, or you’ve just set yourself a series of goals you’re going to tackle before the year is up, there’s a good chance that there’s something on your ...
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Neighborhoods of RVA: Fulton

The Fulton neighborhood is another old Richmond neighborhood steeped in history with a deep sense of community and lots of forward momentum. It took its name from James Alexander Fulton. Mr. Fulton and his wife, ...
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5404 new kent road . elegant museum-concept home

museum-concept manor home museum-concept manor home an elegantly modern new construction english manor home that artfully exudes European character that gracefully compliments one of Richmond's most beloved historic neighborhoods. Located directly across from the James ...
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